music and jewelry for a cure for sturge weber syndrome

Until the end of June 2018, we will donate all profit from sales of original music and jewelry on this site to support research on sturge-weber syndrome, a rare and serious condition that can cause seizures and developmental problems in children and adults. Research published this year gives hope that a cure might be possible.

Your purchase will help us find it. If you can give more, it will be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much!

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You can also give directly – many thanks!

For any donation of $75 or more, you will receive a 30% discount code for any item in the store as a thank you from us. Make sure you leave your email when you make the donation!

so vividly so desperately – new release

So Vividly So Desperately contains six songs and two instrumentals, from good days and bad days. Until end of February 2015, all proceeds from sales will be donated to support research about Sturge Weber Syndrome. Thank you so much for your support!

The title song:

It’s like I can see the storm
Rising behind your eyes
I can see these dark clouds form
Hear words that drain with the rain in the skies
The lighting cloud freezes your smile
I fear for your heart it is beating so hard
And you’re gone for a while
To that world that is coming apart

And I remember that dream oh so vividly
Remember these heart beats so fast so desperately
Over that ocean I hope you’ll return to me too
Oh how I wish I could bear that cross for you

Lyrics are on the store pages.

Many thanks to the James Baldwin Estate for their friendly permission to use James Baldwin’s wonderful poem Amen as lyrics on this album, in support of this fund raising effort.

paint a flower in the sky

She smiles and says whenever I feel sick at night
My angel comes to me and takes me for a ride
To swim with dolphins sail around the moon or
Sing with butterflies or paint a flower in the sky

All men aboard she cries with stuffies in both hands
Her ship will sail where fairies dwell and dragons make a stand
She winks at us behind the glass I swear I saw it
Saw the light she touched the flower she paints in the sky